Sunday, October 2, 2011

And so it begins.

And so it begins, this fight of mine,
No idea where it will lead.
But knowing in my heart and mind,
That this is all there is.

Hiya guys.
Thought I'd start off today's post with a little bit of impromptu poetry.
Things are going good so-far up hear in the big city. As mum said, we got the go-ahead for transplant, so now its simply a case of finishing preparing me for what needs to be done. We had Charliee and Dan up here yesterday and they took me out for a day of fun, which concluded with a trip up the sky tower. thankfully we took the slow way beack to the ground level.

Tomorrow the real fun begins with my last dose of cranial radiation, and my block fitting for the TBI. They also lock me up at 8 that evening, so no more escaping after that.

Things are starting to look more serious from close up, like I imagine the lookouts on the titanic would probably have thought the iceberg inconcequential untill they arrived apon it (had they seen it coming). But the thing I find is, what more can i do? This is it really. They are giving me a hardest hits they can all at once. And I will admit, it frightens me. I think I would be crazy if it didn't. Its not the timeframe that is the problem, I've already written off this year in my life, but the fact that, all you ever hear are the horror stories. I'm not saying there aren't success stories, because those outnumber the other, but you just dont hear them. When people get better, they do all they can to simply forget about it. And I can apreciate that, because that happens to be my plan when this is all over aswell. I guess its nerves more then anything. During the show, I can sing, and dance and wont mind at all. During the work-up however, I'm a wreak.

Well I think I'll finnish this post here, Aunty Sharron and Cousin Sam will be back with lunch shortly, and frankly, this post is getting depressing. Thanks for reading guys.
Be good and stay healthy.


  1. Dear Logan,
    You do not know me but my son Matthew works with your Dad at Datacom.
    We have been following your story and think you have been very brave in the midst of all the ups and downs of your treatment.
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and Charlotte and all your family as this goes on to the next stage. We hope 2012 will be your happiest year.

  2. You are a brave lad. You are so brave that you can admit how you are feeling. Thats brave! Keep strong young man! We are thinking of you heaps.