Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transplant Day +6

A brief entry today... maybe... I do tend to waffle...
Thanks to the visitors Logan has had over the weekend... Paul and Sue, Charlotte and Dan and Michael and ???? (oooh I feel bad cause I cant remember her name... sorry pretty girl), and today we were graced with the presence of Brigitte and Manda (who took me for a drink) he he he.
Logan still full of sh## today. They reduced his feeds during the day and cut them entirely at 10pm.  They feel he is expending more energy going to the bathroom getting rid of the food than he is having it.  They will discuss with us the other option tomorrow, being a TPN (something, something, nutrition).
Logan is snoring quietly as I type this (something unusual for him) and he has begun to have a raspy cough.  Will probably have a chest xray in the morning.
He has developed a viscous red rash on his hands and feet which may be Graft vs host.  It is early but we will see what the team says tomorrow.  He says it burns so I have been rubbing cream on it.  He is sleeping with his blanket across his bed rather than down to leave his feet free.
Logan managed to drink 4 cups of water today... YAY!
Evan with my brother watching the rugby tonight... I said he could stay there and come back in the morning... but Logan said no, he wanted him back here in case I needed him, (shock horror) so Evan agreed and said he would see us bright and early in the morning.

Anyhow, this is suppose to be brief.  I have photos but too tired to post them.  Maybe tomorrow...

Sweet dreams all... and a big shout out to Helen and Chris who tried to SKYPE me tonight, but had no sound!



  1. =O You forgot her name! It's Katie Pepper =D

  2. Also, you don't have to put skype in caps Mum. It doesn't stand for anything lol