Monday, October 3, 2011

Helloooooo Starship..... We're Back!

Tonight Logan and I have moved into Room 15 on Ward 27B - the kids oncology ward.  I see this as being a good omen, as my class number is 15 at Knighton, and that's good enough for me!

Firstly, a big thanks to Amanda who has helped Brad with his car... hopefully it will be fixed and sold asap, and then his ticket paid for... If I catch the scum that took it, Lord help them... cause I wont be holding back... I'm not that forgiving!

Secondly... hello to all the new friends that we have made at Ronald McDonald house... they will become our new family while we are here over the next few months... as we support each other through our children's and our families struggles.

Thirdly... we miss all you guys down Hamilton way... but the mail has started to arrive and Logan really is enjoying getting it...Thanks to Sue for the card (we love you too), and thanks to Judy Haszard for an advance copy of a book she has just had published. It is a photographic picture book called 'A long time between haircuts - a mother & son's cancer journey', telling of her son's treatment and bone marrow transplant.  It was autographed and everything!

Fourthly... A big thanks to cousin Sam and Aunty Sharon for coming to visit, and for bringing us KFC for lunch! Yummy!

Fifthly... Big thanks to my mummy who came over to visit for an hour on Sunday, and she didn't even get too scared when Evan accidentally spun his little car out while taking her home.

We will be catching up with Canteen tomorrow as we have ended up in the only room that has no internet connection, and also, the playstation 3 (there is one in every room on the ward), has been away for months being repaired! Will be a very boring few months if all he has is me and the t.v.!

Well that's it for tonight... tomorrow brings the beginning of TBI. Oh... and Logan is on IV antibiotics at the moment for an ingrown toenail! FUNNY!

Love ya

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