Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Day +4 - third post of the day

Another quick entry...
Logan has been hooked up to a morphine pump which he can push every 5 minutes if needed.  They have started him on a really small dose, and will assess it as we go.
At about 1.15pm, he had his nasal gastric tube inserted.  It went much better than we had anticipated, with little pain, but obvious discomfort.  His is sleeping now, as even though it was routine, it was exhausting.  They are apparently going to start him on about 10ml of high protein fluid this afternoon, and will put it in slowly.

I am so proud of him... apart from asking them to wait until he was ready, he took the whole procedure in his stride, despite the fear in his eyes (which probably mirrored mine).

Talk this evening

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