Friday, October 7, 2011

Transplant Day minus 3 - afternoon edition

Hey all,
And no-one was more pleased than I... It was hard to watch them fry my sons brain cells day after day and not really understand what they were doing! But that's faith for ya.

Logan gladly posed for this picture which signified his last treatment, just before he climbed down from the bed

Logan lays on the bed waiting for them to remove the green density blocks for the last time 
The machine which sent out the radiation... it fires from the circular thingy on the left straight to Logan who is laying on the right, just out of shot

The radiation techs removed the blocks so that Logan can get down

Logan rests before hopping into his wheelchair to head back to the ward

Janice, Logan, and another technician.... Janice was in charge of making sure Logan's TBI went according to plan and worked closely with the physics department

Logan's waka hit some rapids today and he has had a fairly rough sailing... but things settled at about half one and will hopefully stay there for a while... They have changed all his meds to IV now, except for one that cant be changed, and is a liquid, so we are hoping he will keep that one down.  Might have a couple of hours shut eye myself now.  Hugs everyone...


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  1. 2 more sleeps is it? Counting down with you guys. Hoping to see you soon.Helen R