Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transplant Day +8 - Evening Edition

As the sun sets across Auckland City, I cast tired eyes at Logan... who in turn is trying desperately to sleep.  He is wearing a blindfold, and ear plugs, but they dont seem to be having an effect.
Last night was a rather long one.  Logan and I conned Evan into staying in the hospital with us and doing a 'shift' with me.  To be fair, Evan has offered several times to swap with me, whilst I sleep at Ronald, but I haven't chosen to take him up on his offer.
Last night, we both slept in Logan's room... good thing it is fairly large.  Evan settled down on the lazy boy chair, and courteously gave me the bed. However, sleeping was not to be on the cards. Just after I settled in at 10.30pm, Logan's blood pressure shot up.  This was taken several times to check, and the doctor was called.  He also appeared to be in the positives on his fluids... which meant that he had retained more than he had expelled... 2 litres to be exact.  Fluid retention is often the cause of high blood pressure, so a drug called foruzamide (and I have no real idea of how to spell that), is given to encourage peeing.
Anyway, at some time in the wee hours, when his blood pressure had gone down, and his feet had stopped burning, and his tummy had stopped cramping, and his medicine machine had stopped beeping, I climbed into bed.
Evan's shift started at 4am, and so, kind soul that I am, I gave him my bed and climbed into his chair as he helped Logan to the bathroom. Mmmmm... comfy chair. I commenced to sleep quite well, knowing that Evan was on duty and I was not.  Evan spent the rest of the early hours assisting Logan... It was so nice to have some sleep.  It's not till you get to have a straight sleep (4am - 8.30am) that you realise how constantly waking and dozing makes you feel like crap!
Today, Logan has been really tired.  Unlike Evan and I, who were able to take turns, Logan was up most of the night, on and off, having his obs done, having cream put on various parts of his body, and generally having a crap night.
He did try to make up for it today, but unfortunately, that was not to be.  He is so exhausted, he can barely stay awake on the loo, but is so over tired that he keeps jerking awake in bed.  When he does sleep, he is having amazingly vivid dreams, which he quite enjoys, but also wake him up.  He often has difficultly telling the difference between reality and dream, and asks me questions to see which is real.  The last question he asked me was "do you recall Dad telling us about the toilet paper incident?" Which I didn't, so he decided he was in the real world with me.  Me, I would be totally freaked out, but he just finds it amusing...
Anyhoo, the docs are happy with how he is going.  He has also developed some petechial hemorrhaging on his arms, and stomach.  His platelets were very low again, down to 13 today, and he has small nose bleeds as well.  Provided he stays put in bed, and doesn't fall over (touch wood), he should be fine... but bleeds are not uncommon.... rather something they keep an eye out for.
Tomorrow, all going well, Logan should be having a couple of surprise visitors from Hamilton.  One will be staying the night, so I hope he sleeps well tonight!

Well, I have run out of stuff to say, (I know... shocker!) so TTFN... love and hugs to all...

Tracy and whanau

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