Friday, February 25, 2011


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOGAN IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Jameson came to see us today to tell us that Logan is officially in remission. He will continue with this treatment and then come back for an appointment in two weeks.

He will be reviewed every few weeks, then months, then yearly to ten years at clinic to keep an eye on him as there is a chance of this reoccurring.

He will have PET scans according to the protocol.  We are unsure of the exact timing.

Michael will be presenting Logan's case at the Lymphoma conference on Wednesday (a weekly event) and discussing it with the other Consultants there.

For those of you who dont understand remission... he is considered in remission until he is Cancer Free for 10 years.  Then he can be classed as cured (I think).
On behalf of Logan, Evan, Brad, Charlotte, Amanda, Alex and myself, I would like to thank you all for your support over the last few months (which seem like years).  We are honoured to have had you at our sides with your love, friendship, and strength.

Bless you all

And we begin again... Round 6

Hey Ya'll
We have begun again! Started last night with a blood transfusion - definitely a vampire! His  blood level was about 89 last night for his red blood cells, which was just a little low.  They only gave him one unit of blood at this stage... mainly cause I was too busy with meetings and things to get him in before 8pm.  But if he still needs it, they will give him some more at the end of this session, on Tuesday.
Yesterday, we had a bit of excitement. Pru, our initial registrar, came to see us while we were being admitted.  We were so happy to see her.  The three of us chatted for ages.  She is a real people person and looked after us so well when we first got our diagnosis and were living in fear.
Logan and Pru - they chatted for ages, catching up on each others adventures

So far today, Logan and I are waiting for the doctors.  He is onto his 2nd chemo of the day. We are in Room 17, which is a transplant room.
Advantages: Airconditioned, t.v., fridge, video, DVD, bathroom with shower, private, off a room off the corridor so very quiet, beautiful view.
Disadvantages: Airconditioned, very small, no curtains.
BUT WHO'S COMPLAINING!  Come visit Logan. We want this week to go as fast as possible for him.
We are also trying to come up with a way to thank the staff for all that they have done for us, and may continue to do in the future.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  They have been AMAZING!
We will keep you posted, and let you know when we have heard from Michael.

love and health to all,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pictures paint a thousand words

Logan, Brad, Geoff and Helen all excited

Our pilot (whose name escapes me)

Hearing the brief and learning about helicopters

The pilot giving instructions and discussing his particular helicopter (worth $2 million!)

The back seat of the chopper holds three - very cosy!

before the flight...

good thing they are all great friends, cause they had to snuggle to fit...

Logan, being neutrapenic, was allowed to sit in the front.

Brad took this shot from the back of Logan in the front

What a view




Afterwards... on a high back...  on the ground

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community help

Many thanks to:

Silverdale Four Square 


Lacy's Hair Design

for taking donations for Relay for Life...

another $150.00 raised

We are trying to pass our time with school work and fundraising efforts.  Waiting to go back into hospital and talk with Dr Michael seems to be taking forever.  We are very hopeful, but have to sit on the fence until we have his official opinion.

love to all,
stay healthly

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One to go

Hiya guys.
Not much been happening since my last post, so unfortunately this post wont be as long as my last.

Drivers of the world beware! I'm now legally allowed to drive, so cringe in fear as I try and own the roads.
I passed my learners yesterday with  a score of 33/35 which is an average score. Hopefully mum will give me my first lesson today or tomorrow, and I will be well on my way to first my restricted, then full licenses.

Yesterday was also 1 week after my last treatment, so had my bloods taken. Turns out I'm severely neutropenic (low white blood cells), 0.2 when it should be around 8. So that keeps me out of hospital for a couple more days. Bit of a mixed blessing really, on one side it gives me more time at home (no school, too dangerous) to relax and all that. On the other side, we really want to get in for my last treatment, and get it over and done with. So we get more bloods taken thursday to hopefully get me in on Friday, when we'll talk to Micheal about results. He's also taking my case back to the weekly lymphoma conference to see what they think should be done after treatment and I assume how long to give it before re-scanning me.

So I'll keep you guys posted on whats happening. I'll hopefully post again on Thursday or Friday.
Till then, be good and stay healthy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What a feeling

Hiya guys.
Yes I know my post is late and that I said I would do it on Wednesday, but you should know by now that I'm a dedicated procrastinator, and in my defense I was waiting for results.

So here we go.
As you all should know, on Monday, me and dad flew down to the windy city for a PET scan to determine what all this chemo has achieved. Well the flight was rather pleasant, with the airport staff being a great help, offering assistance and sorting things so that I simply rolled out onto the tarmac before using my crutches to board. Even the weather was cooperating, with the best landing in wellington, and pretty much anywhere, I've ever experienced. Landing at around 4:30 we jumped in a cab and shot across town to Bowen Hospital and pacific radiology.

After some brief confusion born from entering the wrong building of the hospital, we found our destination and headed for reception. Thankfully they were expecting us, and the receptionist kindly led me to a separate waiting room and handed me a plastic flask of what can be only described as 'Grey goop', with a friendly "drink up". As oral contrasts go, it wasn't that bad. Had a faint taste of cherries surprisingly. Half way through the flask we get met by the man who would be taking care of me that evening, Ken. Man was he a laugh. He explained everything that was to happen, and asked all the regular questions. He even found out about my non-existent drinking and smoking history.

When the time came to start, unfortunately it required a lure, which Ken promptly and skillfully embedded in my arm. As lures go, it was in fact rather painless, still, I hate those things. At least they didn't waste time, they gave me the radioactive sugar that the PET scan requires and left me in a dark room to ferment for an hour. Now i can't really complain about this part, because I was tired, and they had even given me a blanket, so it was pretty much nighty night time. Unfortunately, sleep eluded me for the hour, so instead of a quick sleep it was a slow wait, and I was rather relieved when ken came back to tell me that the hour was past and that the sugar had been absorbed enough for them to begin the scan. In principal, my role in the scan is non-existent other then as the subject. In reality however, it requires an act of will to stay still for the 45-60 minutes required for a full body scan. One interesting thing about CT scans however is that a lot of the time, they inject a contrast into you during the scan, now this on its own is not the significant, it's the effects of that contrast that are. In their words "you'll feel rather flushed, and you may have the sensation that you are wetting yourself". And you do, it is the weirdest feeling ever, apparently one of the staff recently had a CT scan for the first time and got such a fright. But everything went well, we got the scan done and I didn't even wriggle that much at all.

Throughout all this dad waited diligently in the waiting room, half way through being join by the lovely Rochelle who now lives in wellington, and who kindly drove us to get something to eat and finally to Wakefield hospital after my scan was completed. Wakefield apartments, as we discovered, was no 5 star hotel, actually, it barely rates as 2 star motel in my opinion. But it was clean, warm and a place to crash for the night. In the morning we woke up slowly, we had nothing to do till 9 when the cafeteria opened for breakfast, then we just had to wait for our ride to the airport for the return trip which arrived at 10. And so we flew home, uneventfully and as peacefully as we arrived.

Now, Results. I know that this is what you lot are all waiting for. We don't have everything yet, for instance my scans haven't been looked at my Dr Jameson yet, nor has the radiologist got the first scan that was taken in America to compare with this new one. But they have left their initial report of what they can see with just this scan. According to them, the scan they took of me shows a healthy person, cancer free. And that's the big news. Now I should stress that this hasn't been confirmed my Micheal so its only 99% accurate, but if you ask me, i doubt that he'll find anything wrong with my scan. When we found out the news, mum promptly broke down. Mum got rather annoyed with me, and then a bit later with dad. Because when I heard the news, I didn't jump for joy (rather hard for a man in my position even had i wanted to) or cry out, all mum got was a simple "Sweet" and a big grin. Dad then followed suit an hour later with "oh lovely", so mum thinks we're both emotionless gits. But anyway, we get the final say on Monday, which is what I had planned to wait for, but since people have been getting rather impatient to hear news I've been forced to concede the information early.

And that brings us up to day. I still don't know the fate of my leg, I imagine that I'll get that from Micheal when we visit him on Monday.
So till then, be good and stay healthy.

Baking up a storm

On Wednesday, Logan, Nana Roose and I spent the entire day baking (well mostly Nana and I).  On Thursday we went to Logan's school staffroom at morning tea and charged door entry to come in and have morning tea with Logan.  The staff were amazing...  One staff member even charged other teachers $10 a photo with Logan...

Logan raised...

$600 for Relay for Life!

Thanks to all the staff at Hillcrest High School... they know what community means

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return of the Jedi

The boys came back from Wellington today at 12.15pm.  Everything went well as far as I can tell.  Logan has PROMISED to do a blog entry tomorrow so be patient....


Monday, February 14, 2011


Logan is at present in Wellington with Evan.  He arrived at around 4.30pm.  At 5.30pm they are filling his body with a radioactive isotope which will have arrived from Australia at midday.  In 48hrs we will know whether or not this treatment has had the desired effect and will progress from there.  Pray hard everyone... to anything and everything you believe in.

Waiting with baited breath


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chemo five - day 5

What a fabulous day... It is the perfect day to be getting out of hospital.  I am ignoring that fact that I am sweating like a pig in a hospital ward that is overheated and understaffed! 

We had an awesome nurse today - Priya (pronounced prayer) - who has been looking after Logan so well.  She is kind and caring and thoughtful of his needs as a teenager.

He has his first male nurse this afternoon - Rovi - who only has his for about 5hrs till we head off.  This afternoon we are heading home!  We should be leaving here at about 7.30ish.  Paul and Yvonne are going to meet us at home with a birthday dinner that they have cooked for Evan (thank goodness for our friends). 

Logan has again developed smell sensitivity, but it is not severe and he is coping well.  We have reorganised the times that he takes his anti nausea drugs to suit him better.

We are semi-excited that Logan is heading to Wellington on Monday to have his PET scan.  It will give further direction to our lives.  Logan talks often of the things that he would like to do with his life and we would like him to get on with it.  He would like to get back to school, learn to fly, learn to scuba dive, travel to weird and wonderful places like Morocco and taste exotic food.  He has goals and he wants to get started on them.

stay well,

hopefully Logan will post for you again, adding his unique sense of humour

Tracy and the Avatar

Friday, February 11, 2011

The wind changed and the sun came out...

Funny how sometimes, when people have time to think about decisions that are maybe made a little quickly, they come to other conclusions...
The cool guy who runs this floor came to see me this morning.  After meeting with management and other staff members, he decided that due to Logan being a man/child and me being here all the time to attend to his needs etc, etc, etc, they have decided to reinstate my carer meals for however long Logan will require hospital treatment.  Logan, never being one to hold a grudge, had moved on and been planning what we could do for the nurses when he finishes here in a few weeks, whilst I (not being nearly as pure) had been planning a letter for management.
Needless to say, I humbly and gratefully accepted his kind offer (and threw away the letter). One less thing to organise or worry about.
Logan has been having a great round this time... hope this wont jinx it.  He is well in himself and thanks to Paul and Yvonne, has a great stack of books to pile through. 
Shockingly, yesterday, I spied my work colleague in the Room next door to us - although technically in the next ward.  He has been discharged today, but it was great to catch up with him. 
Logan and I are looking forward to going home tomorrow night and spending Evan's birthday with him.  It is always great to have our family back together after treatment.  Brad and Charlotte are going on a CanTeen camp this weekend out at Raglan. It will be strange not having them home on a birthday.

Take care everyone and stay healthy

Tracy and the Avatar!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chemo five - Day 3

Bright side... the dermatologist has examined all the marks on Logan's body and has given him the all clear as far a skin cancer goes.  I had asked them to take a look as he has many lumps and bumps and with his reduced immune system, bad things could have grown.
Not so bright side... THEY CUT MY CARER MEALS!!!!!
At lunch time Logan's meal was delivered. I went and asked if I could have mine, and was told that all carer meals had been cut.  Needless to say, I was rather short tempered about the whole affair (not to mention hungry) and so didn't take this information too kindly. 
There doesn't appear to be anything I can do about it, so Evan is going to bring in some bread and spread for me to last me till we get out on Saturday evening.
The nurses are fabulous up here and I cant say enough about them, but if if carers like me didn't do what we do for patients they would be run off their feet even more than they are.  The nurses don't make the policies - management does - figures!
Most patients here have a carer who stays with them and attends to their personal needs.  It probably costs a lot less to give us a meal than to employ more nurses.  Simple economics really...

Any how, now that I have vented my days woes, I will end this on another positive note,

Logan is doing fabulous and we are just waiting for the scan and it's results to see if he can begin to walk again.  It will be an exciting step (pardon the pun) for him. 

take care and stay healthy everyone


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chemo five - day 2 draws to a close

Evening campers,
Dunno what life is like on the outside, but here at the Hilton Waikato time is slipping by like money in a teenager's hands.  There have been no drama's or disappointments to report just fabulous nurses and loads of bad jokes.  Logan had scrummy hamburgers for dinner, but lets just say mine was indescribable... The ice cream and jelly was lovely!  Logan enjoyed seeing his Nana this afternoon (Thanks for the chocolate (which he won't share!)), and Daddy this evening.  We are appealing to have the schools closed again so that his visitors come back!!!! Drat their desire to learn!
Dr Michael came to see us this evening (long time no see doc), and we chatted about life after the PET scan.  The short and curly of the situation is:
If there are no 'hot spots' remaining in the soft tissue then one assumes the cancer is dead.  We then complete session six and follow up with another PET scan in a few months (time to be determined).  Unfortunately, unless they are new hotspots, marks on the bone can also indicate healing bone (i.e. from a break, or a bone regrowth after a tumour has checked out).  That is why they look at the soft tissue.  As he had plenty of both, if gives them lots to look at.
The flip side of this is if he finds soft tissue 'hot spots'.  This will mean that whatever is left has become a stubborn #### and will require stronger guns.  He will consult with NIH before he talks with us about the options should this occur.
This is far to heavy to think about at this time of night, so I am going to eat my jelly beans and annoy Logan (my two favorite things to do).
Thanks again to our awesome nurses (Carolyn and Jody) who put up with all our crazy talk and grumpy frowns in the morning from lack of sleep.

REMEMBER... Logan is running a team in the Relay for Life (Logan's run) so sponsor us (especially me) online, or drop us a donation.  It is a great cause which raises money for the Cancer Society.  Give up those coins people!!!!

Until we chat again...

stay healthy and smile!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chemo five begins - day 1

Hey all,
We begin this session in a totally new room... 24.  At the end of the corridor which leads to ward 5.  This is convenient for those of you who sneak up through their ward and into ours.  Logan is having a great day so far... managed to convince me that the hospital food was really bad, which meant I ran out and bought him some toasted sandwiches.  His cough is beginning to annoy him somewhat so the doc decided to take an x-ray.  He has meds running all day though, so they have delayed it until this evening after dinner when the ward is quieter and a nurse can go with him. This afternoon I nearly killed him though cause I told him a whole lot of jokes that my boss sent me and he ended up in a coughing fit.  After he was finally able to breathe again, he told me to keep going cause they were awesome! Go figure...
For those of you who don't know, it is Evan's birthday this Saturday.  We have given him the gift of peace.  Charlotte and Brad are going to CanTeen camp out at Raglan from Friday to Sunday, and Logan and I won't be home till Saturday evening, but if any of you are free give him a buzz and go round with a beer, he would love that.
We had the awesome Carolyn as our nurse this morning.  She is so fun and makes our day pass quickly.  Unfortunately for Logan, the x-box has been relocated to the paediatric outpatient clinic, but Ellyn has promised to drop it back before she goes home.
Carolyn has just brought today's nurse - Hannah - into to meet us.  She is just as bubbly and vibrant as Carolyn...
It's gonna be a great day...

Stay well friends and fight the good fight

Tracy and the Avatar

Monday, February 7, 2011

Houston........... Me again.

Hiya guys, guess who.
As you guys know, as today is Monday, by all rights i should be in wellington.
As the time is 7:45 I should be just finishing my scan around now.
Well three guesses where I'm not. If you guessed either: Wellington, Bowen Hospital, Wakefield apartments or the moon, you'll be correct.
Apparently Wellington is experiencing atrocious weather and no aircraft can land in wellington airport. Although if you ask me, gusts of 22km/hr is not that bad.

But we will let all that go, because it means that I'm starting chemo tomorrow and that means I'll be out on dads birthday, so he wont be alone on that special day. So on we go into the bright future that is round 5/6. Hopefully since it's an A treatment it wont hit me as hard as the B, well, here's hoping anyway.

Another minor thing that happened today is as we were at the hospital getting bloods taken, my Hickman wouldn't draw. One of them drew a little out, but less then a mill and nowhere near the amount needed. so we took blood from the arm (ouch) and we'll try again tonight or tomorrow morning, although it will need to start working soon, Chemo needs to start pumping at 9 and fluids at 6.

Well I go into hospital at around 10 tonight, I have another go at my scan next Monday, and in between i'll try and post some more. until then, follow my brilliant words, Be good and stay healthy.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detail Logan, detail!!!!!

Sorry guys,
can you tell that Logan has just got a new game and can't been separated from it??
A more detailed summary of life at the moment is a follows:

Logan has basically been well since getting out of hospital last time.  He has had a bit of a cold and a wet cough.  Took him to the doctor today and she has put him on antibiotics. Also took bloods and requested urgent results to see if an infection was brewing.  On Monday he flies to Wellington in the afternoon, with Evan, and travels straight to Bowen Hospital for his PET/CT scan.  This is scheduled for 6pm (if the isotope arrives from ozzie on time).  He can only drink water from 12noon, so is going to be very hungry and thirsty byt the time its all over.  Apparently he is given an isotope and has to wait in a quiet room with no distractions all alone for 45 minutes.  He is then transferred to another room to have the scan done.  Hopefully it will be finished before they both turn into pumpkins.

When they get out, they have to phone a shuttle to take them to where they are staying at Wakefield Apartments.  This appears to be about a 1/2 hour drive.  So after a late night meal and a hostel sleep, they will be collected at 10am and transported back to the airport for the flight home.  Then, as Logan will be starting chemo again the following day, we assume he will back into hospital that afternoon, ready to fight the good fight.

Evan has jut reminded me that our good friends Rochelle and David are down there, so if you guys read this, eyes open! The boys may come and eat all ya food!!!


Take care everyone, and keep up with that fundraising.  Thanks to everyone who has joined our team, and for all the money raised so far.  We have a healthy amount of competition going on here... Evan is the one to beat so far!

big hugs.
the hamilton roosters!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moved again

Super quick guys.
PET scan has now been moved to Monday.
Everything is being sorted (i hope) so we should have some results end of next week.
Be good, and stay healthy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PET scan, or not.

Hiya guys.
Just leaving a short post to keep you all updated on whats happening with my PET scan in wellington.
On Sunday mum rang Wellington hospital to try and find out when my scan was planned. Turns out wellington hospital doesn't do PET scans, but a certain private hospital whose name eludes me does them by contract.
So, now we ring this new place and finally they can confirm that i exist. On to radiology, so far so good.
They have me booked, yus! "wait, what? you don't have me booked this week!?!"
They wanted to have me booked during my next chemo treatment, so we've had to move to the 14th.
That's all I got for you lot today, so be good and stay safe.