Saturday, October 29, 2011

Transplant Day +19 - the hard yards

Sleep... who needs it...

Logan and I are both running on empty.  The poor boy was up all night as his body continued to elimate fluid from all exits!  Nothing seemed to help the pain and by 6am, the reinforcements (Evan) were called in to lend support to a very grim day.  Logan's weight is down to 73.95kg this morning, which under normal circumstances, one would be particularly pleased about, but unfortunately we are unable to keep anything into the boy.  The doc's have now changed all his med to IV, thank god.  We requested a doc last night to change his pain meds to IV but no-one came... I explained my displeasure about that this morning... as I would!

Anyhoo, a visit from the consultant (another one that we hadn't met before), Stephen, brought fresh information. Logan's bloods that were taken during the night have come back fine.  His temp has gone down, and so has his blood pressure. It took quite some prodding but we eventually discovered that they were planning to give him high dose steroids as they felt he possibly has gastrointestinal Graft versus Host Disease.  This was a bit of a shock to Evan and I who had not realised that this was one of the possibilities.  Sometimes up here I feel like a mushroom... kept in the dark and fed bullshit!  But moving on... They gave Logan a rather large dose of these steroids mid-morning and his cramps seem to be abating.  We have also had no more vomiting (TOUCH WOOD!!!!!).  

Logan's nurse today has Logan all to herself... a random occurrence! Which is probably just as well as having all his meds now on IV takes quite a bit of time to administer.  She has been cracking Evan and I up though.  She appears to be every bit as OCD as me... she is lining up his drips machines and straightening his wires... we are giggling because just a few minutes earlier I was getting in a flap because the stripes on Logan's bed cover weren't straight!  Back to the nurse... she came in a little while ago with a couple of pills.  Several times we tried to tell her that pills were not going to be a happening thing and that they could all be chartered IV. She informed us of his blood pressure pills, that the doc the other day said he wasn't even on! Great communication up here! She left one pill with us, taking the other one away to be charted IV.  Wishful thinking on her part me thinks.

Once again, as I sign off, the boys sleeps... to describe what he actually went through last night would be too depressing... just picture your worst every hangover mixed with your worst ever tummy bug and you should get the picture...

Oh... last thing... even though his platelets are 19, they are transfusing him today.  Unfortunately he has been loosing blood during his bathroom visits as well, so they are hoping to clot whatever it is that he has ripped and get it healed. Fingers crossed!

Hugs to all, and to all, a happy weekend!

Tracy, Evan and the Logster! 

Dan and I came and visited around dinner time too! And we bought Logan some signatures from Armageddon (an entertainment expo in Auckland) and a big Battlefield 3 poster to decorate his wall.

The lovely people from Child Cancer Foundation gave Logan a bead for me. He presented this to me during our visit. It is a lovely blue and green one. I'll post a pic of all my beads on my bracelet when I get home :)
Love to all,

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