Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transplant Day + Day 10

Man... where did the days go. Amanda and Rosie came to visit yesterday, Amanda for the day, and Rosie for a couple.  Her and I had a sleep over at Ronald McD whilst Evan held the fort with Logan.
Today brought new news.  Logan's gut has become distended.  He is retaining large amounts of fluid in his tissues.  It's all very complicated things are so out of  balance in his body that the doctors and nurses are constantly giving him things to counteract the effects of the other stuff they give him.
He is not peeing as the fluid has been drawn into the tissues, so they gave him stuff to pee which has lowered the level of potassium in his body and so it goes on... New news today though, is that he has developed V.O.D.
(veno-occlusive disease), which I think means that he has clots in the small veins in the liver. It happens in some patients in the first month and cannot be prevented.  They do, however, have meds to help heal it... they hope. It can be quite serious, but we have to wait and see what happens.  It is causing him some pain. 

Logan is so funny. When the doc came in this morning and asked how he was, he said fine... nothing eventful.  She is constantly amazed at his laid back attitude. I think that is why they take a little longer to find things wrong with him, cause he never bothers to complain.  Anyhoo.... more photos to dazzle you with...

Love to all...
Logan had his liver checked yesterday to see if there were any abnormalities... it was enlarged

Rose said he had a food baby, and a sausage baby, and ....

Rose lent a hand (literally) and helped to apply steroid cream to Logan's burning hands...

... and his feet

Amanda taking a photo of Evan taking a photo of her

A two (wo)man job!

Logan looks suddenly 'uncertain' about this cream business

"Oh Rosie... I'm sick remember!"

With big sis Amanda

Mum drains stomach acid for testing before giving meds through the feed tube

Platelets... his level was less than 10!

Whilst Logan naps, Rosie brushes up on her biology for an upcoming exam

During some meds, Logan has to be constantly monitored to ensure he is ok...

Rosie has become quite the natural nurse and often lends a helping hand... Here she is helping Logan to re-tape his nose tube

It's all so confusing!

Logan has moved up to two poles now... he's special

More life saving blood from Mr or Mrs Anonymous... without  it Logan would not survive!

If you didn't know what was inside it... it almost looks pretty!

The mucositis under Logan's tongue is beginning to come away

Large chunks of dead skin are coming loose and Logan is constantly washing his mouth out to get rid of it... the pain requires morphine :(

These spots are petechial hemorrhages, which are beginning to show up all over his body as the small cells bleed due to low platelets 

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