Saturday, October 22, 2011

Transplant Day + 12

Oooops.... think today is +day 12 but it's getting fuzzy now... you'd think a teacher could calculate these things.  But not to stress on the little things....

Big thank you to the Aldridges for their lovely card that Logan received. He is so home sick, and misses all his friends.  Especially now that Rosie has gone home.  The packages and cards from home, along with the short SKYPE chats are so special to him.

Finally saw Logan's actual doc today, as opposed to the rotation consultants, and she said Logan is beginning to stabilise.  His liver is still a problem, but not more of a problem that yesterday.  His fluid retention is still a problem, and they are still giving him medicine for it, but not more of a problem than yesterday.  His mucositis is still an issue, but has improved in his mouth, so they are assuming that it has improved slightly in his gut also.  They have restarted his nasal gastric tube and are giving feeds at 10ml per hour.  They will see if this upsets his tummy or not. He is already drinking water, juice, cold milk drinks and the occasional cold milo so they are trying to give less TPN and other fluid, which will also help to decrease the fluid retention.
Today they have temporarily stopped his TPN as his potassium reading was way too high.  They ordered it to be retested, and will not resume TPN till those results get back. 

Logan's skin has begun to peel.  It began on his hands, and he is now loosing patches on his eyelids, shoulders and tummy.  His skin has begun to darken, so he is no longer my little milk bottle boy. He has quite a tan. This is what is peeling, because like all tans, they are just the result of the skin burning and his is burnt from the radiation.  But he had no redness like one would have after a lovely day at the beach. We rub aqueous cream onto his hands, feet, eyelids, and any other bits that are peeling, three times a day.

Today he is getting another round of platelets as his level is again under 10. He is still on oxygen and his blood pressure is still high.  The doc suggested that he sit as vertical as possible to relieve the pressure on the lungs (from his fluid filled abdomen), which will allow them to fill more.  Lucky for him he has a bendy bed so he just pushes a variety of buttons and voila!

Hope that this posts finds you all well. And that my school friends have dragged themselves back to their classes to prepare for the last term of this RWC year. At least it will be a short one!

Hugs and kisses to all,

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