Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo's to share...

On the bent up bed ready for 'placed' for TBI... they use lasers to make sure he is perfectly centred
Logan's leg's are tied together to help him to hold still

Logan's physicist, Alan is vital in ensuring his treatment is exact... So yes kids, physics is useful!

The green blocks were made specially for Logan to ensure that his body maintains the same density and is cooked evenly
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After each 'side' is cooked, Logan then has the blocks removed... they weigh a ton!

Found this old photo of Logan helping with the renovation... seems so long ago

Crystal... passed away April 2011 
Emma... passed away September 2011

Sparky... Passed away September 2011

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  1. all the best young Logan, we have our eye(s) on you(and this page).Love Geoff and Helen plus etcs