Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transplant Day +3 - Evening Edition

Up here we take things day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute...

Logan slept long hours today... he woke refreshed, but refused dinner and instead had a plain magnum ice cream.  It went down well.  This was followed by a milo, both of which stayed down!

His transplant nurse saw him at 5.30pm and said that any pain was unacceptable (as nanny would say), and has prescribed morphine.  They gave him a small dose this evening. Which promptly sent him off to sleep.  Tomorrow they plan to put him on a pump so he can self administer before meals.  Putting in a nasal gastric tube is something they are trying to avoid, as they are hoping he can tough it out.  Time will tell.  Hope you enjoy the attached photos... I did a quick shoot of our hospital room.  I sleep by the window, and you will see where Logan sleeps.  

hugs to all...
Catch ya on the flip side

The door to our room is at the end of the corridor known as the transplant unit. Logan's symbol that you see, is on his notes and all his records... it is his individuality...

My sleeping quarters, complete with bedside window with a view of the helicopter pad

Logan's armchair and his computer from Make a Wish Foundation, which he hasn't used much up here yet...

The HUGE pinboard for cards and things, between the door to the bathroom and the door to the corridor

Our kitchenette, which includes a 2 shelf cupboard, a mini fridge/freezer (for his ice cream), a microwave, toaster and kettle

Logan... sleeping (or trying to) after his dose of morphine

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