Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Day +4 - Early Morning Edition

Hey all,
Logan had a particularly hard night.  Don't think he slept much at all.  All food that hits his stomach, now sends it into spasms and sending in to a fast track to the exit... Consequently... he spends a lot of time sitting in the bathroom reading, or groaning.
He is feeling the cold a lot more, also, so is often a purple/blue colour.
Last night he spiked a fever, which is at present 38.9. This was to be expected, having no immune system, so they are putting him on antibiotics, and giving him platelets, as his level is only 10.
Ooops... sorry about that... just had to pop off... Logan vomited! Unfortunately he choked on the mucus in his sleep and well... the rest is best unsaid.
Anyhow... back to the present... as Logan sips his iced water and contemplates his immediate future, two possibilities are foremost...
They are either going to put down a nasal gastric tube today, as he is now finding eating almost impossible, or they are going to put in a TPN (no idea what this is) but it allows him to be fed all his nutrition through his line.
Anyhow (again)... thats all I have for now... the boy needs to doze, but the pain relief they have just given seems to be working...

... and don't eat too much honey!

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