Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Transplant Day +2

A day of visitors... firstly Evan and Charlotte arrived, fresh from Charlotte's discharge.  She is doing great and should be well enough to be home this weekend with all her friends... should she choose. She will be sore for a while, but we couldn't be more proud. 
Logan's best friend Rosie turned up later with her friend Ben.  She was up here for a couple of days visiting friends. After her visit, her mum Tania and some friends from Echelon Youth group arrived. A busy day for Logan.  My brother kindly took me to the pub for a couple of drinks whilst Logan was being looked after, then swapped me for Evan. It was nice to have a short dose of real life.
Logan is worn out today. He has lost about 4kg in three days, and they are now monitoring everything going in and out. He is becoming tired and exhausted as everything he eats, goes straight through him, which has resulted in him not wanting to eat. 
Mucositis has begun... I won't go into details, but suffice to know that the entire lining of his digestive tract, from the top, to the end, are stripping away... both a messy and painful experience.  He will endure though.  It has a limited time frame, and will go away.  If needs be, they can put a nasal gastric tube in and feed him that way... but we are hoping to get through this without it.
This said, Logan was unable to keep his pills down late this evening (or his dinner), as they stuck in his raw throat.  He will now have them through his IV. 
Through all of his treatments and setbacks, Logan has remained vibrant and positive, but this last leg is starting to wear him down. Keeping his mind busy will help, so it has been great to receive visitors, cards and calls. Thank you all for your love and support. We are hopefully at the beginning of the home stretch. Another Waikato kid, who had our room before us, and had just come out the other end of his transplant, is hoping to head back down that way this weekend after being up here for a couple of months.  We look forward to going home quickly too.

love you all
Tracy and Logan

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