Monday, October 31, 2011

Transplant Day +21 midday update

Just spoke with the doc... they are sending the gastro team to see Logan and assess him for surgery... a biopsy will confirm or deny (maybe)... the reality of the diagnosis... not sure that the literature supports this, but will get a few opinions. 

Also... we are back in quarantine... which means visitors in gowns and gloves and us in gowns and gloves when we leave the room!  Also nurses have to wear them which annoys Logan as they rustle loudly and wake him from his short, but necessary, naps!  The quarantine has been put in place until they can definitely rule out any viral bugs that may be causing Logan's never ending nightmare with the toilet!

On a good note... Logan and I are changing tact, and are making a list of things that can be used as distraction techniques... a positive attitude must go on... 

And Logan ended up sleeping for a little over two hours! yay!


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