Monday, October 24, 2011

Transplant Day +14 - Evening Edition

Evening all,
What a lovely warm day... sunshine and uneventfulness work wonders for me right now.  Logan has had a fabulous day.  He was able to get out of bed and very slowly walk to the armchair, where he sat for at least an hour.  He SKYPE'd Charlee and Dan and heard all about the mess on the beaches at Papamoa.  When he eventually got back to bed, he fell into an exhausted sleep.
Prior to this, Nell arrived for an afternoon visit.  Her and I had a lovely couple of hours, having coffee, and going walkabout, whilst leaving Logan in Evan's capable hands. Nell also brought Evan and I some yummy steak and salad for dinner... you don't realise what you miss until you are offered it again!
On that note... when Rosie was up here, her and Logan (in his lucid moments), made lists of all the yummy foods that he plans to eat when this is all over... There appeared to be quite a large quantity!
Speaking of quantities, Logan has continued to gain weight, so they have reduced his 'bottle' feeds for the evening.  His is drinking quite a bit on his own anyway.  Looks like his evening sugar levels are high again, so more insulin.  And unfortunately, the extra fluid is beginning to give Logan pressure points on his back and rear... so another mattress is being organised to help him till he is able to get up and about better. Till then, he has to move from side to side every four hours.
Anyhoo... enjoy the photos!

Nell and I woke Logan up when we got back... but Nell decided to leave before 4pm, because that was when the nurse wanted Logan to try to move to the chair... and he was tired!

Logan on his maiden journey from his bed, playing on his borrowed Canteen laptop (thanks Canteen!)

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  1. Wow a photo of Dad! That's a rarity lol.
    Looking good Logie :)
    Love to you all xx
    p.s. you don't have to put skype in capitals Mum teehee