Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transplant Day +16

What a difference a day makes. Logan is definitely doing much better.  He has walked to the bathroom unsupported today THREE times... which is huge on the scale things as he is only just beginning to get back his energy.

His bloods were improved today. His Hemoglobin is 78, platelets <10 (they gave another transfusion), white cells are up to 2.32 and neutraphils have launched up to 1.92... amazing. For those of you looking puzzled... all these counts are what keep Logan alive... Charlotte's bone marrow is busy making these cells, but she's a big job mate... and the going is slow.

It's a fine balancing act for the  white cells/neutraphils, as we don't want them too high... as they pose a danger to Logan's system.  He is on Cyclosporan which is an immune suppressant.  Whilst this does keep him and Charlee from fighting an internal war, it also leaves him vulnerable to infections... particularly bugs he gives himself (like skin staf), and viral infections (which they can't protect him from or give him medicine for). 

His diabetes is becoming controlled with the twice daily shots of insulin and it is hoped that he will be able to resume normal function once he is off all of the drugs... but not a certainty... not that we are coming to expect any certainties anymore.

In himself, Logan is doing well.  He was up just after six this morning then back to sleep at 7.30am, woke again at 10.30am and after visiting the bathroom walked to the lazyboy where he sat for a couple of hours and surfed the web. Another short amble and a nap proceeded a visit from his uncle Dean.  

All in all a great day... ooh and he lost another kilo! YAY!!!

I'll leave you with another couple of pics...

take care everyone :)


The skin on Logan's hands is literally separating from the under layers... It is thick like parchment paper

Logan's fingers are like cooked sausages left in the fridge overnight (Logan's words not mine)

Large chunks of skin are hanging from his hand and Logan is just dying to pull them off!

His ears have suffered the same damage... but it looks grosser cause its green and yellow!!!!

Logan last night... he is slowly beginning to loose a bit of his fullness now that the fluid is dissapating

The skin from the tip of one of Logan's fingers

Logan having his sit up time today

Logan's room, clean and tidy today

Logan's wall of love

Logan laid down to try and evade a photo... but uncle Dean wasn't to be put off!


  1. Hey bro,
    That's a pretty cool taonga, wonder which cool sibling (and her friends) got you that??
    Dan says you look like a snake shedding it's skin! I agree!
    Love you heaps,
    See you Friday,
    Charlotte and Dan

  2. Yes I agree with Charlotte & Dan about the shedding snake comment. Know we have been checking in everyday, even whilst we were away. So very pleased things are on the up & up Long may it last. Much love hugs & healing vibes from us to you!!!

  3. So pleased to hear things have been better today. The skin stuff is amazing..are you going to keep the finger tip skin? Wow imagine telling kids about the time you were a snake and shed your skin! Awesome!