Friday, October 21, 2011

A busy day... on Transplant Day +12

Logan has had a bit of a rough day... He is retaining fluid again resulting in high blood pressure and lots of pain.  His stomach is distended and sore.  This fluid retention is apparently the biggest risk to his well-being at the moment, as it is stressing his heart, lungs and tissue.
He is developing positional bed sores and he is no longer able to get up and move around.  The little blood spots have become numerous and in some cases quite large.  They are walking a fine line of giving him enough platelets to keep him from bleeding, but not too many so that his liver clots up!
A chest x-ray was also done this arvo, and they decided he has some fluid on the lungs, but they are monitoring it at the moment.  His oxygen levels have been progressively dropping over the last 24hrs, so he is now on a small dose of that to bring him up to 97%. They are giving him more blood as I type, with the hope that it will increase his oxygen levels, and generally help him to feel better.
This afternoon, he gave us all a scare and choked on his juice... this resulted in a group clean up job... but all ended well, and he dozed fitfully afterwards.
What it comes down to these days, is that keeping track of everything the docs say is getting harder and harder.  They are giving him meds and changing meds several times a day and in our half dream state we are expected to know and understand it all... I would hate to be a second language speaker.

My fun part of today was when I took Brad to North Shore hospital to see his new baby half-brother. He was born two days ago and is so cute.  

Brad and his little brother Owain (pronounced Owen)
born 21yrs and 10 days apart :)

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