Friday, September 30, 2011


With half of Hamilton and Auckland praying for Logan... it had to happen! Logan's tumours have begun to disintegrate. Hooray! (the chemo and steroids may have helped but its a debatable point!). The oncologist was jumping around the room, she was so happy.  I don't think she expected to be telling us good news, as after our appointment we had to wait another 15minutes for her to do the paperwork for Logan to sign, and then listen to another speech about transplants. Unfortunately, during the wait, Logan had a call from Evan to say that his cat was having to be put to sleep as he is in kidney failure... that punched us in the stomach somewhat!

Below are some photos from his radiation therapy today

I will try to get Logan to post later, but his sister and Dan just arrived from Hamilton and took off walking with him!  I'm about the have a massage (courtesy of someone here) at 5pm, then we are all off to see a musical (tickets donated by someone) at 7pm.

Logan hops on the bed and gets into a comfy position (sort of)

The technicians are good a putting him a ease

The mask the technician is holding is made to the exact fit of Logan's head shape

It fits over his head and is screwed to the table

Logan can breather, blink, and move his lips a little, but that's it

The parent in me is fantasising about other uses for this mask!

The table is raised and Logan is positioned with his skull in the centre, using laser beams! (go Queen)

Sorry about the blurry pic... tried to capture laser with no flash!

The machine is rotated and opens up on either side of his head

Logan, as I see him before I leave him on his own... we then go outside and watch him on a screen.  I was going to video this for you, but the whole thing only takes 4 minutes and I wasn't quick enough!  Will be longer and more stressful next week.  Will post again soon... or make Logan
Love to you all and thanks for your love and prayer

Logan's Mum

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  1. Yay about the transplant... Sux about your cat....
    Tracy you worry me about your fantasies re the mask.... Logan you are a braver person than I... mask screwed down..just thinking about it just about brings on a panic attack!!! Hope your weekend is fill of love and visitors. Mwah.