Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transplant Day +17

hmmmm... same old, same old...

Yay! Logan is doing well.  Weight down, blood pressure down, pulse rate down, bilirubin levels down (now normal), white cells up to 3.18, and neutraphils up to 2.97.

A chain reaction is beginning...
They are giving him less insulin as his sugar levels are balancing out, and they are balancing out because they are reducing his steroids, which are being reduced as his blood pressure is going down, which is the result of his loosing lots of excess fluid, which is the result of the medicine now working (which they are also reducing)...  in other words... HOUSTON... WE HAVE IMPROVEMENT!!!!

Logan's hands continue to peel fiercely! They are quite scary to the uninitiated.

We had a lovely surprise today. Our Hamilton oncology god Dr Michael... came and visited Logan on the ward... It was so good to see him. He cracked us up (as usual). Didn't stay for too long, but he brought a taste of home with him... He hadn't been up here for several years and was impressed with the facilities.

I told him of my latest locking of horns with the staff, which had him in stitches as he knows me so well.  Having said that, I suppose I will have to share.  Cutting a very long story short, I somehow managed to get Logan's insulin confiscated.  They seemed to deem me (suddenly) incapable of following their instructions when it came to drawing up the two needles and administering it to Logan.  I made my dissatisfaction with the whole affair very clear (in a two year old sort of way), and sulked for the entire day.  There was no justification for this, and no explanation for why I have been allowed to carry and administer it since May of this year... go figure!  Personally, I think the Aucklanders got their knickers in a twist, but what do I know?

Anyhow, as I said, Michael thought it was hilarious, as he knows that to come between me and my boy is a bad idea... Just the picture in his head, had him in hysterics.

But getting back to Logan... he had a special mattress delivered today... just as he is becoming more mobile... it is about six inches thick and has a motor attached at the end of the bed that blows up tubes within the mattress.  It has a four part cycle, each ten minutes apart... firstly, it blows up all the cylinders, secondly it lets down cylinders 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc, thirdly it blows them up again, fourthly, it lets down cylinders 2, 4, 6, 8, etc, then the cycle starts again.  It is designed to eliminate the pressure points and stop the bruising that is beginning on his body.

We had a lovely visit from Emma again today as well, which Logan slept all the way through... (such a good host).  And we had a visit from Child Cancer Society.  They did something really kind for us.  Our phone bill has been getting bigger and bigger, to the point of ridiculous.  Unfortunately, we have a plan with Telstra Clear, which suited us before, but times have changed and they refused to change our mobile plan to suit our current situation.  Consequently, i have a very small amount of text which I go through in the blink of an eye, and am then charged 20 cents per text! It's archaic! Anyhow... Back to the good news... CCS, gave me a 2degress phone and $20 credit which will last ages! CCS does so much to try and support their families to the best of their abilities.  I wont post the number here, but I will send it out to you when I get round to it.  I will be using BOTH phones so you can text me on either. The

A big thanks to Nell and Steven who sent us a postcard from their holiday destination, which we just received today, and big hugs to Auntie Beth who sent Logan a card today... Love to you all.

Well, we are smiling, and happy, and hope you are too...


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  1. Cool,great,wonderful,splendid. This is such good news. Keep up the good work. Twill be great to visit you in Hamilton. Lynn was asking after Logan last night.