Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transplant Day +3 - Afternoon Edition

Be positive... be positive... be positive... that's what Logan would say...

But it is often hard to remember that when my boy is in pain... this is his blog, but now a days, I seem to do most of the entries.  He is too tired, and too sore to care.  As the day has drawn on, he has become sadder and withdrawn into himself.  He lays on the bed, letting the pain of his stomach and throat roll over him, as a wave does on the shore.

Logan no longer wants to eat. Whatever he eats either makes a fast exit out the other end, or causes pain in his raw, dry throat. Earlier, he was trying to eat a banana, and doing well I might add, when he thought the throat spray would help.  He sprayed that into the back of his throat, causing himself to gag, and say hello to his banana again! Unfortunately, he is also ulcerated internally, and anything exiting his body (from any direction) is often tainted with blood and mucus.

Transplant is not a party, but we are trying to remain positive... it is a means to an end.  He is strong and determined.  If that was all it took though, we would have won the battle ages ago!

Changing tact! They arrested the 'alleged' burglar this morning during a raid... we are waiting to see what happens now.

Love and hugs to all

If you have a moment, jot down a note and post it too logan... He really enjoys mail... he misses you all so much.  The address is on an earlier post.



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