Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transplant Day minus 5

As I laid with Evan and the makeshift bed in Logan's room this evening, I reflected on the day that had just been... what a pleasure. Logan had his two radiation treatments today as scheduled, with no real side effects other than tiredness. We had visits from Canteen and the Transplant councellor and a card arrived from Nana in Te Awamutu (thanks Nana)... Logan loves to receive mail.

Good news also came from Brad. Apparently the newspaper did a follow up article (which none of us has seen, so someone save us a copy please), about Brad getting his car back, and the paper was inundated with calls from people who wanted to help him to repair it.  He chose a garage in Riverlea Road as they are close to home.... he was so excited that he even offered to do volunteer work in exchange for their kindness, which they humbly refused.  It was lovely to hear Brad smiling again after being so sad.  Brad also brought the next piece of good news. The police had matched the finger prints to a known criminal who they are going to charge with grand theft auto. They said he is a career criminal Brad shouldn't hold his breathe to get any compensation.  How is it, that the criminal breaks the law, then gets to keep the proceeds of his law breaking as well as probably getting free room and board (for at least 6mths), which is in part paid for by the victim and their family!

Anyhooo.... only good news today.... We are well and happy, and pleased to have the love of our family and friends.  Seems as though my sister is gathering a bit of a following in her hair cutting craziness! So go SIS! We love you, and thanks so much from all of us, and I know that Canteen will also be very grateful for your gift.

Stay well friends,
Be good to each other,
and hug someone new everyday... you might be the one who makes a difference in their day

love ya


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