Sunday, October 23, 2011

Transplant Day +13

Superstitious me doesn't like 13 but today is the exception.  Logan had good news from the doc... although she did stress each day stands alone and things go up and down at the drop of a hat.
We were told the following:
- Logan's white cell count has gone up to 0.5
- his kidney function is better
- his bilirubin level has gone down to 75
- his inwards and outwards goods  (as I call it) are about level so he is not retaining extra fluid with the help of the drugs he is on at present
- he lost 0.2 of a kilo over night (all fluid)
- they are weaning him off his TPN and building up the nasal gastric feeding, which he is only having till he is able to eat again

Logan gave his Nana and Grandad a surprise in Te Awamutu today, when they phoned us to see how he was doing, and he was able to talk with them personally.  It was a brief conversation as he is on oxygen and tires easily, but they were overjoyed.

Yesterday Logan was totally worn out... as usual, our Hamilton 'family' extended their love with visits from Sue (his teacher at NHS), Paul and Yvonne, and Helen and Geoff.  It means so much to us that you come all this way, knowing that you may get here and you might be turned away.  We cant wait to come 'home'.

Logan and Rosie on Friday just as she was leaving to go home with Brad

Brothers... Brad stops in for a visit (which Logan mostly sleeps through)

Logan's teacher Sue (from NHS) came up especially to see Logan before the holidays finished... he SKYPE's his class on Tuesday's and Thursdays when he is well enough

From the left, Paul, Helen, Yvonne, and Geoff all visited Logan at the same time... he was tuckered out, but happy

Logan this morning... an attempt to show you his 'yellowness' failed miserably, so you will just have to look at his good-lookingness
That's all for now my friends... Evan is walking down to party central later this arvo to check it out seeing as we are here... rather him that me...  I'd rather watch from afar...

hugs to all

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