Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make a Wish visit... and then he broke his leg...

Long time no speak people... a few weeks ago, Make a Wish Foundation were kind enough to grant Logan his wish.  He received a special gungho, superfast, gaming computer, a family dinner out at a local restaurant named The Boston, and a fully catered LAN party. A fabulous gift... to which he politely said thankyou, then hurried off to school so he wouldnt be late! (and silly me was going to give him the day off to play with his new toy). SO PLEASE SUPPORT MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION WHENEVER YOU CAN...
Logan and all his presents... took ages to unwrap!

Logan's Make a Wish sheepy
Logan and his two lovely volunteers who helped him to chose his wish and then brought it to him

Logan and best friend Rosemary... friends for 15years
NOOOOO!!!! No more hugs!
Charlee and Daddy try to look intellegent
Rose and her 'other dad'
Brad and Mum... a rare hug!!!!
The Boston set a special table for us complete with glitter stars and candles... they waited on us like royalty... what a treat!

 the boy is impossible... like he doesn't have enough on his plate!

But I jump ahead... a quick summary is necessary to bring y'all up to date. a couple of weeks ago, the Logster had a CT scan to see how things were progressing... we had a visit last week with Michael who said everything was going well. He saw a couple of tumours (one in each lung for balance) to keep an eye on, but everything was going well. shortly after this Logan developed pain in his leg again... alarm bells began to ring and we became somewhat scared.  I sent an email to Michael and he sent one back that evening (such a kind man).  He said not to worry... nothing nasty... just a fracture in the distal femur!!! 

My boy appears to have a very high pain threshold cause I am pretty sure I wouldn't be walking around on a broken leg! So after a few hours waiting to see a specialist, they decided that they are not going to operate (we didn't even know that was a thought!), but will instead leave it to heal au natural...

So we are back to using crutches.  He is not allowed to weight bear for at least two weeks and then gentle touch down only...

Unfortunately he will now miss out on Tartan Day which he was performing in this Saturday (and I was so looking forward to seeing him in a kilt again). He is, however, hoping that he can still play the roles in upcoming drama sessions.

Logan is slowly getting used to attending school regularly again.  He goes to Northern Health School Tuesday and Thursday,  They even run a door to door service.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday he does a couple of hours each day at Hillcrest.  

Stem Cell transplant

As a precaution, Charlotte is going to be tested to see if she is a tissue match for her brother. Being the only full-blooded sibling, we are testing her first.  We will then talk with a geneticist if she's not.  She has a 1 in 4 chance of being a 4/4 match.  As yet we have no need for a match, but if we do and she isn't, we may be calling for volunteers... but that's for another day.

Lastly... please keep in touch. Logan appreciates you texting him, and phoning or msn or whatever else it is that young people do... He gets a bit lonely I think, with just this old girl.

god bless everyone
stay healthy