Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Day +4 - Late Morning Edition

Quick update:
Logan's BP dropped again so they had to give him fluids again! Came up quickly tho... seems to be a reaction to them trying to wean him from his steroids, so they are giving another top-up dose. Apparently his adrenal gland is not working properly...
All the consultants met and decided to give a nasal gastic tube instead to a TPN as apparently there are lots of complications with the latter.
Logan and I are understandably anxious about this, because, as we tried to explain to them, what does in, goes straight through at the speed of lightening.
This will be in by noon.
Also found out that we only see our consultant one week in three... not what we were expecting.  Apparently they 'take turns' weekabout doing in patients and discuss them in meetings three times a week.
Oh... how we miss Michael...

Will let you know how the NGT works out... wish us luck

a nervous Tracy and Logan

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