Monday, October 10, 2011


Evan again:

The quick version:  Charlotte went into theatre for the bone-marrow harvest at 9:30am this morning (a bit later than originally thought) and was out into recovery at 12:20pm.  Less than 30mins later the bag was up and flowing into Logan. Charlotte is fine but sore.
Now we wait.

The long version: Charlotte was told yesterday that she would be heading into theatre at 7:30am - first in line - so Dan and I got up at 6:30am, grabbed a quick breakfast, and headed up to be with her.  At 8am we were told it would be another half hour.  Finally at 9:15 we saw a nurse, Rosie, who would be with Charlotte through the procedure, and and 9:30am an orderly arrived to take her up, accompanied my Dan & I.  Charlotte was a little nervous but was otherwise fine.

Once Charlotte was gone Dan & I headed to RMcDH for a late breakfast and coffee (mmmmm, coffee). I headed back up to see Logan after that to wait for the call to come sit with Charlotte in recovery.  That call arrived at 12:23.  When I got there she was very woozy and in a little pain.  Shortly thereafter she was moved back to the ward where Dan had already been to drop off a nice "Get Well Soon" balloon and some flowers.  Unfortunately no flowers are allowed on that ward but the nurse did show it to Charlotte before it was taken away.

Once Dan arrived I headed back to see the marrow being given to Logan.  He was fast asleep so hadn't, at that point, seen it himself.  Tracy has since txted me to say he is awake and so I'll head back now.

I will try to do another update this evening.

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  1. Yay... I'm so pleased all has gone well with Charlee and the harvest. Get well soon!!! =)