Friday, October 28, 2011

Transplant Day +18

Hey all,
What I forgot to mention yesterday was that we were encouraging Logan to begin eating, which he did in very small amounts.  He unfortunately now has little to no sense of taste and everything feels wrong in his mouth, let alone going down his throat when there is already a tube going down there.

During the night, he was disappointed to discover that his diarrhea has returned, though not with the same intensity.  He has the stomach cramps though which by mid-day were beginning to get the better of him.  A sane person can only handle pain for so long. We are waiting to see the pain team.  

There was talk of removing his nasal tube to see how he goes with the eating and stuff, and with the hope that it will get rid of the runs, but he is still on so many meds that they decided not to.  

Currently I sit on Logan's bed whilst he slumbers in the lazy boy chair, that I usually occupy... cheeky bugger!

We have just been told that due to a group of foreign docs and nurses touring our ward this evening, they would like us to stay in our rooms between 5pm and 7pm.  I said that sounded lovely, but when were we suppose to cook our dinner, or were they buying us in pizza... they said they would get back to us on that!   Hmmmm... you can always tell when practical people dont get to make the decisions... not to mention that it's visiting hours then!

Oh... and as usual... Logan's bloods for the day...

White cells 3.25
Neutraphils 2.39
Bilirubin (liver function) 28 (up slightly on yesterday - normal is less than 24)

In himself, Logan is mostly well.  He doesn't take kindly to the invalid thing and I suppose on could tentatively suggest he is becoming a little despondent (though he would adamantly deny this). His skin continues to do it's wrinkly and peely thing, with him removing large chunks from his hands daily.  As he is unable to use soaps and moisturisers, he is having to shower with aqueous cream which he hates! Our hearts go out to excema sufferers who shower with it daily... yuck!

Charlotte also tells us that Logan has a package at home for him with writing all over the envelope... She didn't say who it was from, but Logan and I have our suspicions! (me thinks meggles had something to do with it but time will tell). Charlee unfortunately has a cold, but she is dropping the largish envelope to us sometime today.  She has a job interview in Auckland, a masquerade ball, and some other thing and is going to stay with Baked Bean uncle Dean and Chocolate Bikki auntie Nikki for the weekend!

Well, Logan is refusing to wake to contribute anything exciting, and Evan is still at work, and it's and hour and a half till the foreigners arrive so I will have to sit on Logan's vibrating, inflating bed, and read my book.... what more could a little girl want!

I'll leave you with some photo's of the boy's hands... in all their glory!

Love to ya all,
Keep smiling

Evan cuts away the dried, parchment like skin that is driving Logan nuts!

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