Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A package from home (thanks to the Schippers)

Logan received a large brown box in the mail today... he opened it up and inside was a treasure trove with a card attached.  After the humerous well wishes, a poem was written... relating to the items enclosed:

Dear Logan
We hear you are having a rough time (coconut roughs)
That maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew (Zombie Chew)
That you might even have a chip on your shoulder (Pringle)
And now you are ready to go nuts (Deluxe nut mix)
Could this be true?
Nah - without letting the cat out of the bag (Kitkat)
Even though we know this is no piece of cake (Madiera cake)
We know that you can roll with the punches (Roll-ups)
Because you are one of a kind! (One square meal)
Blow a big raspberry at the challenge (Raspberry twister)
And keep up the good fight
We hope to catch up with you soon (Tomato sauce (Ketchup))
Hugs and kisses (Hersheys kisses)

The Schippers (Shapes! (tho was expecting a boat))

Thanks guys... you had us laughing for ages..... and Logan is looking forward to having them when he can eat again...

Oh... and thanks for the coffee (for the grown-ups)... you even remembered that I have decaffinated!

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