Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transplant Day +3 - Morning Edition

Hey all,
The doc has just been and he said that Logan is doing well (touch wood). Still spending a lot of time letting his food fast track itself to the exit, but doing mostly well.  His throat is somewhat dry, and a little tender, and his mouth is peeling.  He is still able to eat though, so that is awesome.  We were expecting his side effects to be much worse by now, but touch wood, (and yes I know I keep saying that, but I'm willing to try anything at this point in time!) he is doing really well and tolerating all the poisons better than we had ever hoped. Italia, from Canteen is still regularly popping her head in daily, and keeping things real for us.  Canteen remind us to keep smiling, and be thankful for the good things, which at times elude us... Thanks Italia.
We heard yesterday, that Ellyn, Logan's Waikato Adolescent Cancer Liason person, will be coming up for a conference... we have missed her, and hope to see her again at this time.
A big thanks to the Schippers who sent a card and gift to us this week... We are really looking forward to enjoying it when he gets out of here in a few weeks.

Will leave you with this pic of Logan and Rosie... her visit made his day...
Logan and his BF Rosie...
Love and hugs

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