Sunday, October 9, 2011

T-day minus one

A rare contribution from dad:

One more sleep!  Tomorrow is the big day.  All the planets are aligned, the ducks are all in a row, all cliches have been said. 

But I'm ahead of myself.  Yesterday I spent the day & night in Hamilton as it was Brad's 21st birthday.  He organised for some friends (and myself and Uncle Dean) to have a play at Drift Karts.  Lot's of fun!  Followed by a few mates back to our house for drinks and eventually a rather quiet evening but all-in-all a good day.

Before I left Hamilton I received a text from Tracy to say that Logan had been given the day off by his doctor and told to go out and enjoy the sunshine - the last time for a few weeks.  So shortly after I got back to the Ronald McDonald House we hopped in the RMcDH car and headed out.

Our first destination was the water-front to look for a place to enjoy the sun and to have an ice-cream.  However it seemed everyone else in Auckland had the same idea so parking was hard to find.  We eventually stopped in St Helliers Bay.  On the way there we got a text from Aunty Carolyn to say she wanted to come see us so we texted her where we were and meandered on the boardwalk until she arrived - with a present for Logan and a newly shaved head! (see previous posts for details and Facebook for photos).  Thank you Carolyn for raising about $600!  Half to Canteen and half to the family.  Awesome.

Still no ice-cream at this stage - everytime we found an ice-cream shop is was cones only and Logan can't have those now.

Next stop was the Auckland Museum.  It's been a while since any of us had been there so it was cool to see some new old stuff :-)  We meandered our way around for about 90mins and then had to start heading back before we missed Logans curfew - finally stopping at a dairy to get ice-creams right outside the hospital.

The rest of the day for Logan involved playing on the computer, dinner, back on the computer, a shower, more computer, and finally bed.  You can guess from that that he is well and truly over the dramas of a few days ago.

Charlotte was checked into her room today in preparation for her starring role in tomorrows activities.  This evening she is relaxing and hopefully getting a good nights sleep.  Dan & I are at RMcDH and will be heading up at 7am to be with Charlotte before she heads into theatre.

Here we go......

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