Monday, October 24, 2011

Transplant Day +14

Good new, good news, as Roscoe P. Coultraine would say (for you oldies)...

Logan is definitely feeling better today... and taking minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day... this is fabulous on all three counts. But the two counts that matter most are his white counts.  His white cells are up to 0.8 and his neutraphils are now up to 0.5! Huge news... ! Charlotte and Logan, so far, are managing to get along without too much of a bother :)

Today he was able to sit up all by himself, just pulling a little on the bed bars.  He stood for the scales and even took a few shaky steps (well 2 to be honest).  His bilirubin is down to 38 and his pain has lessened. His weight is a little heavier, but they didn't account for the fact that he would take to drinking so well again, so they are decreasing the fluids they give him today to compensate.  His blood sugars were up last night and tonight, resulting in 6 units of  fast acting insulin being given today. The doc is not sure why this is happening again as it is not due to the steroids, which have been reduced.  She is not concerned at the moment, but realistically, if that's all he comes out of here with, that's ok!

Think his BP and pulse rate are still quite high, but his body is going through a lot of stress and has been poisoned several times over... so it's not really surprising. Though he has just gone down for a morning nap (11.20am), he has been awake and conversing all morning... huge improvements even on yesterday.

And earlier we had a call from Nell to say she's coming up so I'm in a good mood!  Touch wood (and I do so several times a day), it's gonna be a great day.  The docs have warned us that the road ahead is long... but for today... we are all just gonna smile!

hugs and love

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