Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transplant Day minus 4 - morning edition

Morning all,

Today began bright and early at 6.30am (after not getting to sleep till 1am) with Logan's blood pressure again dropping. He also has bone aches in his knees, ankles, stomach pain, and did a spontaneous vomit at 7am whilst I was getting his breakfast. His blood counts are beginning to drop, which they were not expecting - especially his platelets which are only 29 instead of between 150 upwards.

Once they stabilised him again with high pressure fluids, they sent him to Radiation with Evan whilst I stayed here and changed his bed. Then, the Specialist Transplant Nurse came in and said they thought they had some answers. They think his counts are dropping due to the chemo that he had last week, his blood pressure is probably due to his steroids being cancelled, and the bone ache is a side effect of the radiation.  The vomiting they have no idea about, but we cant have everything.  She is going to talk with the doc and get back to us.  He will probably have a platelet infusion today, but time will tell.

Apparently he can have adult visitors if they are fully immunised and have not been in contact with anyone with infectious stuff like measles or the flu. He can only have one or two visitors at a time, so if you are coming, please text first and let us know.

Many thanks


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