Monday, October 17, 2011

Transplant Day +7 - Evening edition

What a lovely day... Paul and Yvonne came visiting, fresh from their adventures in Europe... and it was the first time, since Rosemary visited, that I have seen him animated.  Though obviously still in pain, he amped up his morphine, and sat up and chatted for over two hours.  Several times we asked him, if we should go for a walk and let him sleep, but he always replied in the negative.
Logan's trips to the bathroom have been less frequent since they removed him from the feeds.  They want to rest his gut for at least 24hrs before restarting him on small amounts.  Having said that, he is still having about 4 cups of water a day, and one or two cups of milo, so is doing well.
His rash is a bit worse today, and they are pretty sure that engraftment is beginning. Topical steroids were prescribed to ease the burning on the pads of his feet and back of his hands. It appears to give some relief.
They have also given him some stuff which is like runny red jelly - xylocaine - which he swirls thru his mouth to create a numb feeling... pleasant for as long as it lasts.
Logan's bedside pole is beginning to look very impressive... he now has three drips, one of which has his special feed into the vein, and the others for meds and fluids, and a forth box with morphine.  Makes for some heavy duty maneuvering in the night...
Tonight, Evan will be staying up at the hospital with me. Logan will be having drugs through the night, and we are going to split the hours between us so I can get some sleep.  I find it hard to leave Logan, so this is a good compromise.  Knowing Evan's tinny luck, Logan will sleep through the night which will get him wondering what all the fuss is about!
We have a lovely nurse this evening who is trying so hard to co-ordinate all Logan's medicines so that we wont be up every five minutes... it will take a miracle, but we will take what we can get.
Anyhoo... We shared a lovely home cooked meal with Paul and Yvonne on the ward this evening.  Paul and Evan cooked for us down at Ronald McDonald, then brought it up here to eat. It was a treat to eat with friends.
Logan was sound asleep when we went back to the room, so they headed off, homeward bound to Hamilton.  We miss them already... it is hard to say goodbye to Hamiltonians.

Hope you enjoy the photos... just a couple to whet the appetite...

Catch ya on the flip side... MWAH!
Logan's mucositis begins in his mouth

Logan after his nasal tube was installed

Paul having a laugh with Logan

Yvonne laughing at Paul, laughing at Logan

The mucositis worsens, you can see the red rawness on the left of the tongue

The red rash on his feet is painful and burns

The rash on his hands looks quite angry

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