Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Day +4 - Evening Edition

Logan has settled well this evening.  He even had a milo, albeit with a little help from the morphine pump.  I suspect, he had been hiding the degree of pain that he was enduring of late... but no matter, he now has four pumps attached to him, which make for fun, when one is in a hurry to unplug oneself and go somewhere in a hurry.
Evan has the pleasure this evening of receiving a massage, courtesy of Ronald McDonald House.  They pay a someone, to come and massage six people once a week, every week.  Three weeks ago, I was one of the lucky recipients.  This week, they rang me again, but I suggested Evan as he hasn't had a turn yet.
Many of our friends from Ronald McDonald have left, and I imagine Evan will be making new ones... but Logan and I count down the days until we will leave this well decorated prison and go outside again.  It feels wrong to leave when Logan is stuck here, so I tend to stay with him all the time, leaving Evan to came and go, do the shopping and such.
Charlee and Dan should be leaving tomorrow and word has it, that Brad, Paul and Yvonne will come and visit on Monday.  We are looking forward to seeing them tremendously... Faces from home are so missed...

Thats all for this evening... Tomorrow is another day, and we are planning a more relaxed one...

love and hugs

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