Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Transplant Day +22

Sorry for not posting earlier... Logan's surgery ended up being postponed till tomorrow morning.  Logan has been exhausted all day, but we think, fingers crossed, that his trips to the loo are getting further apart... only time will tell.  Doc said today that she will not be making any changes to his protocol till next week unless he gets worse. He has not eaten in days, and today took no drink either.  He is reluctant to put anything in his body that might go shooting straight through.  His weight loss has stablised today.  Logan is sick of having cream put on his skin, and of having needles jabbed in him, and many other things, but still today, I heard him say to a nurse... Oh well, it won't last forever...

Bloods today:
Hb 102
Platelets 34
White cell count 3.95
Neutraphils 1.5 (will go up and down depending on when he has GCSF)
Bilirubin 44 (down on yesterday... yay!)

Our lovely friend Jill is coming up tomorrow to stay the night with Logan (not sure with or without me at this point as he will be having his surgery tomorrow and may need me). It will be lovely to see her, and to have a restful evening... my pointedness with staff today probably shows either my tiredness or my lack of sanity... take your pick!

Logan will be so glad to crawl into bed tonight, once his body allows it, as will I.  We are praying for a better night's sleep... a healing sleep... with lovely dreams and peaceful feelings.

good night all

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  1. Hey little bro,
    I'm always thinking about you and sending happy thoughts. I get to see you today YAY! Might be a little bit late though. Probably about 7pm. I can't wait teehee. I'm in class right now. The teachers going over the test for next week, but I can't concentrate! I suppose being on here doesn't help does it. Oh well.
    Kia Kaha little bro.
    Love you so much!
    Your little sister