Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Transplant Day +23 - Home Alone Edition

Hello everyone,
Today you get to listen to me, Charlotte.
I have only done a couple of these before so I can't promise you anything as exciting as what Logan or Mother writes.
I arrived today shortly after 4.00pm and have spent the majority of my evening here. Even if Logan is watching a movie and I am sitting here staring into space it's still nice to be in each others company for the first time in a while.
Jill arrived at 11.00am I am told and has spent the day with Mum and Dad learning the ropes so she can care for Logan tonight and give Mum and Dad a much needed break and time together. They departed the hospital just before 7.00pm and have left Logan in mine and Jill's hands MUHAHAHA.
She text us just before and asked how he was. We both text her back saying that Logan and I were playing in the elevators hehe.
Logan has been doing pretty good this evening. He even managed to watch RENT! Which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy which is great.
The doctor came by this evening and they are going to give Logan some medicine to make him pee more. Yeap thats the only thing I can say. I'm not very up with the medical jargon. I'm sure Mum will give you a full run down tomorrow anyway.
Logan is going to sleep as I write this so I shall head to bed myself.
Send him happy vibes!!

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