Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday morning

I woke at 7am this morning... knowing this is our boy's last day with us... it hurts... in a physical sense.... my chest is tight and I constantly feel as though I am about to dissolve... 

We know that family will begin to arrive soon.  Evan busies himself by cleaning... I just don't care... I have organised everything that I can control... the heavens are showering us with glorious sunshine, and I feel that Logan is happy today. We have received so many flowers, that the local courier shares a sad smile with us every time he comes by. The mailbox has never been so full.  We received a letter today, handwritten, from someone who didn't even sign their name... it was beautiful...

My constant worry is that I will embarrass our boy, who was so strong when we were not... and I guess I know that the reality is, he knows me better that I know myself, and will half be expecting it.

Our pantry is full of food. Friends have come by with bags of groceries, as have Canteen and CCF.  

Today, we will take Logan for a drive to the lake, to sit for one last time, looking over the water. Our treasured son who asked for absolutely nothing, and yet gave so much!

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  1. Logan will always be with you, you have done him we are of you. Stay strong for your amazing family who still need you...xx