Monday, November 14, 2011

We are home....

This evening we arrived home... Logan will be joining us tomorrow afternoon. We have decided to have his remembrance on Saturday... details will follow. Rosemary had the honour of accompanying him home...

I was so proud to be with our son at the end, along with Evan, Charlee, Tania and Rose.... He was strong till the end.  We miss him deeply and are grateful that we can have him at home for a few days until Saturday.

We will keep you posted on upcoming events. The last post of this blog will be this Sunday.... and as per Logan's wishes, we will publish it into a book.  Not sure how, but apparently it is an option with this service.

Thanks so much to all, for your love, kind thoughts, and condolences.

You are welcome to visit Logan at home at any time... he will be honoured to have you care.

Evan, Tracy, Brad and Charlotte.

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  1. Dear Tracy, Evan, Brad and Charlotte

    I am sorry for your pain at losing your beautiful son. He has gone home to God now and will be forever close by you. You have given him tremendous help throughout his journey, so I imagine he is now very keen to help all of you through your life's journeys. Love and prayers. Theresa and Michael.