Sunday, November 6, 2011

Transplant Day +27

Today's bloods:
Hb: 85
Platelets: <10
White cells: 6.76
Neutraphils: 2.3
Bilirubin: 71 (this is such a pain... it's gettting high again!)

Thought I would start with the easy stuff... Logan was pretty bad last night, and I think it gave Logan, Evan and I, all cause for concern... as Logan struggled to draw breath, his poor heart was galloping along at almost triple mine, and he was pale and clammy... It was quite some time before this was brought under control, as I wrote briefly last night... and it was lucky that we had our nurse, Carl, who saw us through the trauma and back to the light.

Today is a new day... but the problems remain.  We saw a doc today, that unfortunately, Logan does not like (totally unlike him... but he feels she is too grandmotherly and doesn't like the way she treats him).

Evan and I, on the other hand, found her fantastic to deal with, and found her to be thorough and straight talking, which is important to us.  She explained information in an easy to understand manner, and answered my questions without judgement.

I took notes, as is my anal way, and will now try to decode for you, and arrange in bullet points:

  • eyes jaundiced
  • feet dry but less red
  • no headaches
  • only pain is cramp in stomach
  • due to huge amount of outgoing fluid, he is loosing protein, this will be fixed with an infusion of albumin which they tried to put in last night, but Logan refused to have a cannula inserted. Albumin draws fluid from the tissue, but leaves the protein behind.
  • they will not insert a cannula now, but will attach the albumin to his TPN line
  • due to Logan loosing albumin so much, fluid has collected in the bottom on his lungs. The albumin infusion will help to clear this out.
  • they gave Logan Isradipine last night, which is a drug they use to quickly bring down blood pressure, and he had a severe reaction to it. His BP went down and his HR went up!
  • his BP is now somewhere around 140/70 and he has low platelets making him at risk of a brain hemorrhage, so they need to fix this quickly. Platelets are going in today.
  • they are going to wait for an hour after they give the albumin before starting the forizamide... the latter draws fluid from the system and makes him pee
  • his glucose is all over the place... he will be having regular tests to see what's happening
  • his plan is now going to be adjusted 4 - 6 hourly instead of 24hrly. This will be determined by:
    • BP
    • fluid output
    • glucose levels
    • platelets etc
  • Logan is weak due to muscle decay caused by the steroids
  • his TPN balance is good (electrolytes etc)
  • he is in a catabolic state - Quite literally, when the actual muscle tissue in the body endures lengthened stretches of the catabolic state, it eats away at itself in an attempt to find a source of stored energy
  • Logan is doing what is expected 'in this type of phase' (whatever that means)
So there you have it... you know as much as we do... he is now bed bound and back on 1-1 nursing, when they can spare a nurse.  Which is today!

Love to you all,
please keep praying for our boy and sending healing thoughts

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