Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two nights at home

Hello again,
My apologies for not posting yesterday... I always seemed to be in someones arms in some room of the house, right up till bedtime!
We have been home for two nights now and life seems strangely surreal. Sometimes I not sure if I am dreaming and will wake up soon, or if everything before was a dream, and that we have never even been to hospital... but I guess that is the reality of grief.... We are for all intense purposes, unstable!

Visitors, friends and whanau have come and gone, some staying minutes, others hours.  They all leave a little piece of themselves. Logan lies in peace in his room, whilst in the lounge, flowers, candles and other memorabilia adorn our dining table in the lounge.  A notice went into the papers today... I think we asked for Waikato Times and the Herald, but it's all a bit of a blur.

By some form of magic, our fridge and pantry have filled themselves, and our home is constantly being cleaned. We are blessed with the best friends.

Logan's Remembrance Service will be held on Saturday 19/11/11 at 1pm in Knighton Normal School Hall. Followed by his burial at 3pm at Newstead.

Logan did not want people being somber and crying around him.  So in true Logan style....

- Please wear bright clothing
- If you have a t-shirt with a funny slogan please wear it
- And/or ...If you have a flannel shirt, you can wear that!
- Jeans are more than OK!

Could you please bring a plate of food to share, for refreshments, these will be held in the staffroom, until after the remembrance.

Coffe, tea, and cold drinks, will be provided.

DONOT, bring any food or drink into the hall whilst Logan is in there out of respect to the family.

Once Logan leaves, a blessing will be said over the hall, and on our return, another said to bless our family, before we re-enter the building.

The service will not have any religious moments apart from this as per Logan's wishes.

We would love everyone to come back to the hall after the burial to help us to continue to remember him...

In lieu of flowers, as per Logan's wishes, a donation can be left at the service for Ronald McDonald House.  He had planned to go back to do fund-raising for them.

Logan will continue to stay home with us until Saturday.  Before the service, family will take him for a drive around his favourite spots, and then bring him to his Knighton.  Please feel free to come by at any time and visit him, and/or share a meal with us.  You are always welcome in our home.

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