Sunday, November 20, 2011

Logan's resting place

Evan and I went out to see Logan's resting place this morning... We took a huge lump of quartz that we had found on one of our family adventures and placed it at the head of his bed. The roses that were place there are beautiful and his area is tidy, with a little glitter still coating the ground.

Evan and I both agreed, that although our boy now sleeps there, we do not feel him there... he is, and always will be, at home with us.

We are still lighting his candles at home. His remembrance table counts 65 cards and it continues to grow. Our numbness is beginning to crack again and moments of pain or joy are creeping through... we are told we will find our new normal... we are not sure if this is true, or if we even want to... but Logan continues to smile at us from his photo and tell us... it's going to be ok...

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