Thursday, November 3, 2011

Transplant Day +24 - Evening edition

What a difference a sleep makes... This afternoon, Logan took on a whole new lease... he was awake and vibrant, talking animatedly with the nurses and enjoying the day.  It was great to see, knowing what a difficult 36hrs he had had prior to this.  

He has had a further nap this afternoon, but has enjoyed the company of his sister, father and myself.  Jill left for Hamilton mid-afternoon after a brief sleep at RMcD house. What a treasure she is to give us such a gift.  We are truly grateful.

Logan's weight is down to 72.45kg, thanks to the meds.  His blood pressure shot to an all time high today, so they had to get rid of some of his retained fluid quickly. His feet are less swollen, and his build is more slender.  He vomiting has settled to once a day (randomly with no warning), and his diarrhea is debateably less... he is certainly visiting the little room less often.

His bloods today:
white cells - 5.89
neutraphils - 4.56
Hb - 86
platelets - 20
bilirubin - 32 

So we end the day with a smile and positive attitude.  

We would like to send out a big thank you the Schippers, who sent another package from home... 'a small bag of big puns', a stress ball, some chocolate, a beautiful card, and some car-juice vouchers. Thanks so much for you kind, humorous words and your love.  Your packages are always welcomed with open arms, as Logan knows how much effort you put into them, and they are always exciting to open.

Thanks also to Nana and Grandad for your card... Logan loves to get them from you... you are so far away, but you always take the time to phone and write several times a week... we love you.


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