Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two more sleeps to go...

Hey cherubs,
Today was as spectacularly uneventful as yesterday really.  We have a couple of things to share, but nothing earth shattering.

Firstly, we went and got a script for a glucose test script today and Logan has begun to test his own blood sugar levels every four hours. He is very brave... though I still give him his insulin when it is needed. He draws the line at needles. He did it once to prove he could, and that was that!

Another thing, was that Logan gained 2kg today, meaning that he was retaining fluid. So they gave him a jab to make him pee... lots of fun, I know. Poor boy was going every ten minutes... Had an awesome nurse today though, and she made all the extra procedures worth while for Logan I think.

Oh... I forgot... Every Tuesday evening, Canteen provides pizza for its members, so Logan had a supreme with chilli and some garlic bread, whilst I had his hospital dinner.  It was ok... chicken drumsticks... but the smell of gravy didnt make Logan a happy boy, so I had to eat all alone in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, we meet with the transplant team. Logan and I are hoping that we will discuss the transplant, finally, as they have not said too much to date. Apparently they deal it out peacemeal, but that is not very helpful to Evan and I as he is only up here for short periods.  Speaking of the man, he has been home sick for two days, and is trying desperately to get better before we get there, as we cannot expose Logan to anything - viral or bacterial. We might have to send Evan home to his Mum and Dad if he is not going to obey the rules!

The kind people from Canteen also came today to set up a laptop for Logan in our room so that he could use the internet, as we have no playstation, but we then found out that we have the only room that has no internet access!!! Poor Logan... we had our chemo started late, the play station was off getting fixed, and then no internet access... good thing he is a cup-half-full kind of guy!

Sorry that we still have no photos for you... we have collected so many now, and still are unable to put them on here... they will come...

Love to you all...

dont let your fears define you, but rather let them strengthen your character

Tracy and Logan

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