Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday night and still pink and breathing...

Hey y'all
Whats new? nothing much. last night logan and I had very little sleep as he has once again got diabetes due to the steroids... why he cant just get muscles, I dont know! he also has to put eye drops in through the night. So, between me getting up to give him insulin every 4 hours and him needing to put eyedrops in, neither of us are in very good humour today. Sounds like they will be giving him a testing kit to take home this time.

To top it all off, Logan still has no playstation as it is away being repaired.  We have been told that he will be moving rooms tomorrow or the next day as a patient is coming into the transplant suite, which is where we are now. So consequently, poor logan has been somewhat bored.

I apologise to my school colleagues who will be looking at this post and thinking my grammar has gone to sh**. Frankly, I'm too tired to care... but at least logan and I have each other.

Brad and I have been planning his 21st in October, knowing that it will be smack in the middle of Logans transplant time.  hopefully we can do that justice.  He has been busy trying to get some business backing for his trip.  Please can you ask anyone you know in business if they can sponsor him, as I only have about two weeks when I get out of here to help him to fundraise! We are looking at maybe having a huge garage sale as well... Lords knows!

anyway, the eyelids are drooping and I know its gonna be another late one, so love you all and take care of yourselves.

P.s. Thanks to all our visitors yesterday... Daddy, Aunty Sue and Uncle Paul, Helen and Brent, Uncle Dean, and counsin Chloe. We had non-stop visitors for about 3hours and  it was awesome!

p.p.s. sorry about still having no photos up. we only have access to a t-stick and the photos will eat up all the usage, so we will have to wait till something better comes up.

love y'all

Tracy and Logan

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