Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Emma Jane....

Sadly, today, our family dog Emma Jane, passed away. It was quick and she didn't seem to suffer. We were glad to be with her when her tired body had had enough. She collapsed slowly to the floor and I held her in my arms for several minutes while she slowly slipped away. The boys were with me. It is the end of an era, now that she has gone. The same age as Logan, and only 12 days past her birthday. We laid her to rest in a sunny spot between Logan and Charlotte's room. Tomorrow I will plant daisies where she lays.

On a brighter note, thanks to Nana and Grandad who brought over a couple of groceries (that filled their boot!) and to the lovely lady who brought us dinner. We are always so grateful.

Logan is having his last set of IV antibiotics as I type this. Also, we got his results today. His platelets are UP to 26 (they should be between 150 - 400), and his white count is 0.3.  Needless to say, he has no neutraphils, and no immunity, so we are on the extra alert to keep him bug free. We have another appt with Michael tomorrow afternoon. He wants to give Logan the once over to keep him healthy.  Then its off up to Starship again on Tuesday morning to stay the night at RMD house.

Well, I have taken up facebook WORDS... so addictive, so I am going back to that...

hugs to all

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  1. Bye old Emma you did well. Even I will miss her persistance at demanding more patting and even more patting...