Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oops... he's leaking

Had to pop back up to Waikato A & E again yesterday morning by ambulance... the boy wasn't able to sit up without a blinding headache and was experiencing a stiff neck on and off. So we had a fun time catching up with the loyal staff up there... Even the x-ray lady said hello, remembering him by name, and he didn't even have an x-ray!

Anyway, the long and the short of it, according to Michael, is that the lumbar puncture hasn't sealed and he's leaking spinal fluid... a first, even for Logan. Consequently, when he lays flat, he is comfy and the fluid balances and the world is at peace. But when he goes vertical, the fluid becomes unbalanced (as there is less in there) and intense pain hits. So we came home again, with orders to stay horizontal and wait it out. I decided that is what teenages do anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult!

His temp is up a little today, but that's no shocker as he has very few white blood cells to protect him.

Will get him to write soon, but it is hard to type laying down... or so he says! He bought himself a Nintendo DSi from his savings the other day (thanks to Paul and Yvonne who actually did the shopping) and this seems to be what he does all day at the moment... he hasn't complained yet. 

He would love some visitors, but only one or two at a time, and you will have to mask up (and yes we provide them!). He is so over looking at his parents that I wouldn't be surprised to find him escaping out his ranch slider!

Until we catch up,
Stay well and happy


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  1. They are real nasty headaches. All my sympathy Logan!