Sunday, August 7, 2011

1 down (nearly)

Hiya guys, Logan here.
Things are going good so-far in NZ's biggest city. But I can safely say that I am well over glucose tests, insulin and blooming eye drops. But really I cant complain about the room I'm staying in, what with a fold-down bed, fold-down couch, PS3 and wide-screen TV. Things are definitely different up here from what we're used to in ward 25. For example they put dressings over all Hickman sites, and try to avoid accessing my line when they can avoid it (and when they do take a line off, they instantly hep-lock it). Me and mum are certainly beginning to miss all our friends and the comforts of home, we cant wait to escape tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning. But all the nurses are lovely up here, It seems to be something about oncology/haematology wards that attract the best/craziest nursing staff. Currently I'm just chilling in my room, listening to music and playing PS3 when I feel like it (I clocked "Ratchet and Clank: Tools of destruction), I also have a pile of pills, that I'm trying to ignore, but I know that I'm going to have to hack into them in a minute. On the up-side, I'm no-longer attached to any pumps, so we may go for a brief walk off ward at some point in the evening.
Well that seems to be all that's happening up our end. Thanks to all those who have visited us and brought food, its always welcome, especially fresh meat!
Well till next time children, Be good and stay healthy.

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