Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its a good day...

Well, today went remarkably well.  We visited Logan's Hamilton oncologist, Michael, and he was impressed with how Logan is doing. I asked him his opinion on which would be the best transplant for Charlee to give.  He said if it was his daughter (and he wasn't pissed off with her!) he would totally suggest that she do the stem cell transplant. If neither has more benefits than the other (which is what Starship has said), then the one with the least impact on her is the stem cell. It will be over and done with in a day, with little or no pain to her. Whereas, a bone marrow transplant will require a general anaethestic, and she will have pain for quite some time after as her body recovers from the many holes that they will have to dig into her bones.  But in the end, the choice is hers, and we will go with it. Logan will be forever grateful that she is giving him this chance.
Logan's bloods are slowly on the rise, but he is still severely neutrapenic and in danger of infection.  Michael has put him on some more oral antibiotics to ensure he stays well.
Visitors are welcome.  Just leave your colds at home. We have masks here to use. Logan loves to play cards and talk so come and keep him company.  If you have any siblings with colds or bugs, keep a wide berth.

The house is very quiet without Emma. I was always tripping over her every night when I got up to check on Logan. She followed me everywhere, all day, everyday. We were so lucky to have her for as long as we did, and blessed to be with her in the end.

Take care

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