Monday, August 8, 2011

And he sleeps...

07.00am - Logan has breakfast

07.30am - Logan begins his fast

01.30pm - Logan is taken downstairs to theatre

02.20pm - Logan goes into theatre with his nurse who is going to stay with him and watch the whole thing (yuck)

03.10pm - I sit and wait for him. I have tidied his room and made the bed, as well as packing up our gear.


We are not headed home tonight :(

They have made an appt for us in oncology outpatients tomorrow morning so we will stay another night. Evan and Charlee are coming up to join us tonight and we will either stay in Ronald McDonald house, or they will put us up in a hotel... either way, the digs are top notch! It will be nice to be together as a family again. It was lovely to see them on the weekend but we were still in here and they were still down there, so it wasn't the same. We have had an awesome nurse today named Dan... We tried to explain the D-Slice thing, but he just didn't get it... so sad. But Logan likes him. Not sure what time we will leave starship this evening, but will pop up a post when we arrive at our digs for the night.

Take care and keep smiling

p.s. don't know if I told you about this before but the have this cool patch they put behind Logan's ear called scoberderm, or scoberderm, or scoobydoo, or something like that... it is used to control nausea and stays there for three days, like a stop smoking patch I guess. Could be the reason that he is doing so well!

p.p.s. Logan's nurse just came in and said he is out of theatre - 3.15pm. Both procedures went well.  Took a little longer than they expected because apparently the spinal fluid dripped really slowly.  Effectively, what they were doing, was taking out a sample to test for cancer cells, which coincidentally, was about the amount the needed to remove so that they could put in the chemo....

OK - going for a walk now.... keep smiling and stay happy

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