Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey bloggers!

Brad got some good news today.... He has been accepted into a volunteer programme to go to Canada for 9mths and work with youth and disabled people in camps through a proramme called Lattitude ( He will be using all the skills that he has learnt as a member of JuNats (Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club), about bush safety, tramping, first aid, bush craft, kayaking, snorkelling, abseiling and living in a sustainable environment, whilst acting as a role model and leader.


Brad needs to get together up to $8500.00, to cover fees, air fares, and insurance for the trip. 

We are hoping to get sponsorship, donations, grants, etc, from private individuals, groups, clubs, organisation and businesses who may be interested in helping.

Brad is willing to promote your company in any way possible, before, during and after the trip, and to give a presentation of what your assistance enabled him to achieve, when he returns.  

Someone reminded me how important it is not to neglect the other children whilst Logan is sick, and although he has not asked for anything, Evan and I need to do everything that we can to help Brad to achieve his goal.

Please show this blog to your bosses, colleagues, friends etc, and see if anyone can help... We will be forever grateful.

Tracy and Evan


  1. An amazing journey so far Logan you are an inspiration, I can't wait to hear about your overseas endeavors xxx

  2. I'm not the one going overseas.
    and this blog is supposed to be about me ;)